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About Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It’s a fantastic tourist destination, with historical attractions, charming streets, and incredible culture to experience. The Vltava river cuts through the city, crossed by the iconic Charles Bridge.

The best time of year to visit Prague is during the summer. The peak month of August is very busy and expensive, so opt for the shoulder months of May or September. Springtime can have beautiful days, but the rain may ruin your trip. The winters can be cold and snowy but are a beautiful time to visit if you’d like to experience their Christmas markets. If you visit during the busy summer months, be sure to book your accommodation far in advance.

To get to Prague, you can take a flight directly to its international airport. It services many major and budget airlines. Prague is also well-connected to other major European cities by train and bus. You can drive, however, it’s a relatively small city and parking could be a nightmare. Public transport within the city is efficient and you can walk to most of the major attractions.

Prague Boat Hires

Hiring a boat or booking a boat tour is a great way to spend your time in Prague. Large passenger boat hires on the Vltava river are a great way to have a tour from a different perspective. Hire a boat on your own to explore the Vltava while in Prague, or opt for a full-service charter with a captain who can take you to the best spots.

For private or corporate events, hosting on a boat is a fantastic choice in Prague. Take your event to the water and experience the beauty of Prague as you cruise for hours up and down the Vltava. Your guests will be impressed and the captain and crew will work with you to customize the experience. It's also a great way to spend a special family event, like a wedding or anniversary.

Boating Events in Prague

The Prague Head is a regatta on the Vltava river that goes through Prague. It’s a rowing regatta where teams compete in October. There are parties after the event and it’s an exciting race to watch from shore.

Other Things To Do

Besides boating on the river, there are endless things to do in Prague to enjoy the city. For visitors interested in history, check out a walking tour of Prague and visit the top historical sights. Don’t miss Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock in the old town square, the Charles Bridge, and Josefov, the old Jewish ghetto.

For museum enthusiasts, there are endless options in Prague. Be sure to check out the Czech National Gallery, the Prague City Gallery, and the Czech Museum of Fine Arts. There are modern art museums, the Jewish Museum, and many other places to visit in Prague to get a taste of history, art, and culture of this amazing city.

Some of the best restaurants to try in Prague include Alcron Restaurant, V Zátiší, and Czech Slovak Restaurant Lounge Bar. Wandering through the old town to find restaurants and bars is a great way to pass the time and see the city. Visit the Prague Beer Museum to try over 30 beers that it has on tap.

Marinas in Prague

Some of the primary marinas in Prague include Orthodocks Yacht Club, Slovanka, Český Yacht Klub, and the Czech Rowing Club Praha. These boat clubs and marinas offer lovely views of the river and the city and maintenance facilities for boaters. There are restaurants and shops nearby to visit. They are also very historic, many are some of the oldest marinas and boat clubs in Central Europe.

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    It was definitely the highlight of our bachelorette party. The two were very courteous, very reliable and the wine was very delicious. Highly recommended!

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    Super!!! we would definitely recommend it. Nice drink, relaxing music and a pleasant host. The perfect trip in prague

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    Great day with Michal! The boat tour was perfect, well organized and with good music!

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    VIP Boat tour in Prague, Czech Republic with Captain

    Great skipper that knows his river and plays good music!

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    VIP Boat tour in Prague, Czech Republic with Captain

    The best