If you're traveling to Miami, you know you'll want to spend some time on a boat. Its proximity to Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as rivers, canals, and other bays, makes it ideal for nautical fun of all varieties. These beautiful waterways, combined with plenty of attractions on land to explore, will ensure that your time in Miami ranks among your top boating vacations. 

Boating in Miami & South Beach

Miami is an international city renowned for its gorgeous beaches and vibrant culture. It is one of the richest, cleanest, and most sophisticated cities in the country. Miami draws scores of visitors every year who come to sample its particular brand of sand, surf, and exciting metropolitan life. It is a city surrounded by watery playgrounds that range from multiple bays and canals to rivers and the marshes of the Everglades. Miami is an ideal destination for boaters who enjoy many types of adventure opportunities. If you’re looking for a Floridian favorite that can offer both an urban atmosphere and water activities, you must check out the best boat rentals in Miami.

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Reasons to Rent a Boat in Miami

Miami is a huge destination for celebrations of all kinds, particularly bachelor and bachelorette parties and weddings. Who doesn't want to get together with their loved ones on a boat under the sun? Boat charters for bachelorette parties in Miami have exploded in popularity in recent years. Boat captains can provide food, drinks, entertainment, and tours to favorite boating spots around Miami like Haulover Sandbar, Star Island, the Venetian Islands, Flagler Memorial Island, Coconut Grove, and more. 

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Boating Activities in Miami

From the coral reefs of Biscayne Bay to the meandering marshes of the Everglades, you will find plenty of waterways to explore over during your boating vacation in Miami. With so many types of aquatic environments to choose from, it’s no surprise that there are numerous water activities to enjoy as well. While boating in Miami, you can book adventures such as:

Miami Sailing charters are fantastic for cruising by wind around Miami. They are also great as a venue for a wedding in Miami, as sailing on big, beautiful sailboats creates an undeniable romantic atmosphere, especially with the backdrop of the Miami Skyline and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Powerboat rentals for water sports, tours around islands and sandbars, and for overnight boat trips to the Florida Keys or the Bahamas. When traveling with kids, renting a powerboat or booking a powerboat charter is fantastic, as they will love cruising around the waves, and captains can often include water toys and inflatables to entertain the little ones if you stop at a swimming spot. 

Party pontoon charters for boat parties with large groups, perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and stopping at sandbars and islands for swimming and partying. 

Motor yacht rentals are excellent for booking a wedding onboard a boat in Miami or for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Motor yachts like this Sea Ray Sundancer are perfect for celebrations at sea in Miami. 

Houseboat rentals

Miami Fishing charters

Kayak fishing trips

Sunset cruises, where you'll watch the sunset behind the beautiful Miami skyline before cruising into the harbor. 

Miami Kayak rentals

Diving trips

Windsurfing lessons

Kiteboarding lessons

Canoe excursions

Paddleboard lessons and rentals for travelers looking to exercise and try SUP during their vacation in Miami. 

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Where to Dock Your Boat in Miami

If you plan on bringing your own boat to Miami, or if you plan on chartering one during your stay, you will undoubtedly need to look into staying in a marina. Luckily, there are a large number of marinas to choose from, many of which offer excellent amenities. A few well-reviewed marina options in Miami include Dinner Key Marina, Miami Beach Marina, Rickenbacker Marina, and Miamarina.  

Explore the Magic City on the Water

Miami is a dynamic city that has the distinction of offering just as many thrilling experiences on land as it does on the water. There are lots of great spots in Miami to explore by boat like Haulover Sandbar, Crab Island, the Venetian Islands, Star Island, as well as neighboring Florida cities like Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Key Biscayne

Its unique culture can’t be experienced anywhere else, and it has enough attractions to keep even the most active boater occupied. Whether you’re an avid sailor, a powerboat enthusiast, or a water sports fanatic, you’re sure to remember boating in Miami as one of the most exciting vacations you’ve ever had.

Landside Attractions in Miami

Located on the southeastern tip of Florida, Miami is an exciting metropolis that can offer boaters a wide variety of experiences. It hosts many famous neighborhoods such as South Beach, Coconut Grove, and Little Havana, which each feature their own particular attractions and personalities. The Art Deco District in South Beach is considered to be one of the most glamorous in the world due to its historical buildings, high-end shops, and nightclubs. The CocoWalk of Coconut Grove is an iconic feature in Miami, and it offers many shopping and dining options for boaters to enjoy after a day on the water. And nowhere can Miami’s Cuban influence be seen more clearly than in Little Havana, which is known for its coffee shops and cigar stands.

Foodies will relish the plethora of culinary choices for which Miami is renowned. Cuban food and coffee are very popular, and seafood dishes are a particular specialty. Unique to the region is a style of cuisine known as “Floribbean,” which is an intoxicating blend of the Caribbean and Latin American influences.

Miami hosts a large number of annual festivals, such as the famous Carnaval Miami, which boasts the Calle Ocho Festival (one of the world’s largest Latin street festivals) as its crowning gem. Art Basel Miami (often referred to as the “Olympics of Art”) is the largest art exhibition in the world and is another yearly highlight of Miami’s active art calendar. You can enjoy exciting cultural experiences year-round, including musicals, operas, concerts, and ballets, as well as the chance to explore many museums and art galleries. If you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors soaking up the gorgeous tropical sunshine of Florida, then you can take advantage of over 80 parks and gardens that lie within the city’s limits.