If you have been looking for the quintessential New England seaside town, then Newport, Rhode Island could be exactly the kind of boating destination you should book. With its stunning beaches and cliffs, historic structures, incredible cuisine, varied water activities, well-appointed marinas, and storied maritime tradition, Newport regularly captures the hearts of boaters who love history and culture as much as they love the sea.

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Boating in Newport

Newport, Rhode Island is a picturesque little New England town perched on the southern side of Aquidneck Island and is the darling of boaters from all over the world. What this seaside city may lack in size it makes up for in history, maritime tradition, delicious New England cuisine, gorgeous beaches and cliffs, numerous varieties of water activities, and a sizeable collection of well-equipped marinas. Newport offers so many different experiences and diversions that there is sure to be plenty to keep any boater occupied and eagerly anticipating a return visit.

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Water Activities in Newport

As home to several U.S. Navy institutions and lively commercial fishing industry, Newport’s status as a maritime cannot be denied. As the former home of famed America’s Cup sailing race, Newport has also certainly earned its nickname as the “sailing capital of the world.” Sailboats come from all over the world to explore the lovely waters off of Newport, and there are numerous other water activities to enjoy during your stay.

Whether you enjoy the classic sailing experience, the thrill of driving a powerboat, fishing, the sensation of paddling through the water or learning a new way to enjoy the sea, there are water activities in Newport that are certain to appeal to you. Some of the seaside recreations you can enjoy in Newport that will put you in or on the water include:

Booking one (or more) of these activities in Newport will help you get a true sense of the spirit and culture of this iconic New England town and will allow you the chance to actively enjoy some of the best parts of Newport – its natural beauty, deep waters, and lively winds.

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Experience the Maritime Charm of New England in Newport

Newport’s signature blend of New England coastal beauty and refined culture has proved a potent combination for luring the rich and famous to its shores for centuries. But while many of the towering residences of the wealthy still stand, a stay in Newport is no longer solely attainable by the wealthy. Whether you are a boater searching out the historic heart of America along the Atlantic Coast of you want a family-friendly vacation with plenty of water activities for every age and interest, you are sure to enjoy your stay in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island.