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About Durban

Located in eastern South Africa, Durban is one of the nation’s urban centers as well as home to its busiest port. “The Golden Mile” beachfront makes it a popular destination for water and sun lovers from all around the world, as well as surfers of all skill levels. Water-sports aficionados in particular love this city for both its ocean and river activities, and planning your trip for the fall and winter seasons will help ensure smaller crowds and milder weather.

Boating in Durban

In addition to surfing, there are many other water sports that outdoorsmen who want to get in the waves will enjoy. The beaches of Durban are perfect for boating, sailing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, body boarding, and sea kayaking. Scuba diving is also very popular, and you might even get the chance to see tiger sharks.

If fishing is what you love, there are options on the sea, as well as on nearby dams and rivers. Whitewater rafting is sure to satiate any adrenaline cravings. Tubing and canoeing are also widely enjoyed. Whatever watersport or activity you love or have been wanting to try, you will likely find it in Durban.